Sailing Away

We are just beginning a wonderful rich season in our lives, making space and time to do what we call 'sailing away'. A beautiful FREEDOM...

Determined to let our FREEDOM happen we began by addressing: 

* Creating the healthiest lifestyle possible
* 4 year search for the right boat
* 3 year reduction of molecules 
* Moved aboard
* Testing and learning how to make our life aboard rich in quality equal to or better then life on terra firma.
Shelter: comfort in any condition warm, dry/ cool and ventilated 
Clothing: warm dry, flexible, creative stylish always clean
Food: fresh, organic, creative with presentations of artistic grace of the highest quality equal to and better then the finest dining anywhere in the world. 
Exercise: walking, swimming, palates.

* Restating our life priorities:

PEOPLE and friends above material anything.
TRAVEL, exploration, adventure, nature, opening our eyes wider to observe all that we can soak in.
SAILING and sharing anywhere we want where ever we want.

* Keeping our hearts and open minds to all cultures and people and learning what makes each great.