Stories of Life & Sailing

  • Provisioned & Ready

    The celebration is ready. A basket of fresh veggies ready to chop and slice; some prepped humus, tzatziki, smoked salon, and olive tapenade;  a few chocolate treats and caramels; a special tray of chardonnay, smoked salt all ready to celebrate one of our favorite couple's 5th wedding anniversary. Life on land or life on the water is better when you're provisioned and ready. 

    I love how the work 'provision' breaks down into pro and vision.

    Gypsy Wind's definition of a nautical phrase:  

    "Properly provisioned sailing vessel or pantry of any kind":  A positive, forward moving vision for the future delight of hosting friends. A pantry locker and icebox filled to the brim of intentionally collected culinary treats with the purpose of caring for guests. stimulating conversation, and providing memorable times shared.  — cmk

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