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    The adventure we heading into the lake on THIS day is to visit the MOHAI (Museum of History and Industry). We invited family to join us. Pick-up at Bell Harbor below Pike Place Market, a sail out of Elliott Bay, around West Point and into the Cut to line-up for the Locks. 


    We wait for the green light and enter as directed by the Lock Master. We enter the small Locks, tie to the cleat we are assigned. After all the boats are secured, the Lock doors close and the the water begins to rise. Depending on the tide, it is about a 14 foot ride UP!


    We visit with the boats near us. We exchange the ideas for plans and adventure. Some are returning to their home port, some heading to a boat yard for haul out, others are entering the lake to visit a restaurant. For us we're traveling to the museum.


    We leave the Locks and begin the passage into the lake. We raise bridges. We pass sections that remind us of the canals in Europe. We see the history and the future of boating in the view along the waters edge. Fishing boats, house boats, classics, high-tech, kayaks, canoes, barges, tugboats, and rowing shells are all around.  Feels like a parade.


    Such a treat.

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    • Melissa White says...

      Love that view of all the docks and boats, old and new, and the way people there live along the water in so many ways. Fun day!

      On February 14, 2014

    • Barbara says...

      Where is your pintrest button? I wanted to put you on my page I have over 4k followers..You link was from Karen Elaine Barbour at wintergreen

      On February 13, 2014

    • Al Felker says...

      Good to see you made it in the small lock. Much easier to handle. Welcome to Puget Sound. We live on our trawler 50 NM north of Seattle. Hope to see you pass on your way north.
      Enjoy Lake Washington/Union.

      On January 16, 2014

    • elaine roemen says...

      have a wonderful day!

      On December 30, 2013

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